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Your Doorway is Open

Warning, there is urgency in this post. The time for hesitation is past. Trust what you know!

The next week, through Sep 21, there is a potent energy opening wide the doorway into the next chapter of your life. You could choose to walk through it, or you could choose to stay where you are. There is not a right or wrong approach here, only choice. While different choices will lead you in different directions, they are all ultimately for our healing and growth.

Information gathering is over. You already know everything you need to know to make this choice. Those who choose to walk through the door, will experience more of the life they are choosing, rather than one that feels like it is happening to them. They will experience more freedom and less struggle.

Those who opt to sit this one out, will experience their own shifts. As I mentioned earlier in the month, that which was only bearable will become more uncomfortable. The spirit seeks to heal and grow. One way or another. This too is a teacher. Clarity comes when we surrender our ego, our need to be 'right' or do things the 'right' way. As poet Mary Oliver puts it, "so be slow, if you must, but let the heart play it's true part."

If you are feeling at a loss for what this doorway could be for you, try exploring the following:

Where can you soften and allow more of yourself to show up in conversation, relationship, life?

Where can you let go of a little more control of how things happen and allow for more amazing possibilities to show up in your world?

Where can you be courageous and make the leap you know you are longing for?

What area feels stuck, or overwhelming and you are just done with it?

I invite you to allow your spirit to speak to you; through music, nature, poetry, meditation, prayer, yoga, movement, and whatever else frees you from the mind and into communication with something else: be it Source/Divine/Universe/Nature/God. Imagine you are taking the hand of your wisest teacher in trust and faith. Ask yourself, 'what else is possible?' And keep your eyes open for your moment to say Yes! That feeling of nervous excitement, and maybe a little discomfort, that grabs hold of you, heart in your throat, and just when you think you can't bear it, you leap! And a whole new world open up. You will know it.

Yours In Possibility, Always


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