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Rachel's Philosophy

I believe we are all souls.  We have come here to learn, grow and expand not only our soul’s consciousness, but that of humanity.  We have lessons that come up along the way to teach us more about being human and the unique gifts we have to share with others.


Sometimes we get lost and feel disconnected from everything. We experience physical symptoms, emotional upsets, mental unrest, and we just wish we knew the way forward to feeling vibrant, inspired and purposeful again.  We yearn to feel at “home” in our bodies and guided by our own internal compass.


If this is you, I see you.  And this is where I come in.  I use a variety of energy medicine techniques, mindfulness and yoga practices, channeled readings, and light bodywork to support you in living a life of ease, joy, and glory. 

Every journey begins with the first step.

I was a very curious child full of questions.  I wouldn't have said that I knew at an early age I could sense things I couldn't see.  And yet, looking back, I did.  I was very aware of what others were feeling, even if they weren't.  I even knew why they felt it. But I didn't know what to do with it.  In fact in my pre-teen years I learned to call myself 'crazy' because I just felt so much that wasn't being said and it was very confusing.  So I shut it down.   And it was a long journey back.

Fast forward to my late 20's and the birth of my daughter.  My health was suffering and so was my mental and emotional well being.  A dear friend taught me some yoga and how to meditate and it became a lifeline for me in the midst of the fog.  Traditional medicine didn't have my answers so I struck out on my own.  I began studying nutrition and supplementation in order to better understand my body and what was happening.   As my body found greater balance, I began to work with my mind and emotions.  When my health improved enough that I could get out into the community again, I began studying mindfulness, and spiritual growth practices at a variety of schools.  I started doing breathwork, seeing a chiropractor and acupuncturist, and became certified to teach various yoga methodologies.   


Then, in 2008, I lost a dear friend quite suddenly and the old adage, seize the day, played out strongly for me.  I jumped into directing my life with more purpose and became certified in a variety of energy medicine fields. 

And then one day as I was offering a session, I heard it.  And I finally had a language for it.  I was hearing what soul lessons people were working on and the misbelief that was keeping them stuck, and in pain and suffering.  It told me about the highest possibility for them to heal and grow and move on.  And suddenly, everything I had ever lived with or through had an amplified purpose.  There was this synergy created that allowed me to support others physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to live the joyous, purposeful, glorious life that they came here seeking.  I recognized that as my life shifted, the Divine brought me the next opportunity for healing and growth. 


Everything I have learned along the journey I apply in my practice.  Every tool I share or suggestion I offer I have used with great success in my own journey to balanced living.  I look forward to exploring what else is possible with you.  

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Education and Certifications

Spiritual Intuitive University 

Training with Sara Wiseman on Spiritual Readership, Guides and Angels, Past Life Communications and Soul Immersions. 

Body Code Practitioner  

Training with Dr. Bradley Nelson on energy balancing systems that help you uncover root causes of discomfort, sickness, and suffering in body and spirit.  

Emotion Code Practitioner  

Training with Dr. Bradley Nelson on identifying and releasing emotional baggage that can help alleviate physical discomfort, ease emotional wounds and restore love to relationships. 

Access Bars & Access Facelift Practitioner 

Training in Access Consciousness tools and processes introduced by Gary Douglas. Release electromagnetic charges of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that limit us in the concerned life areas. 

Sanoviv Nutrition Advisor; Medical Medium Student; Yoga Teacher certifications, Quantum Matrix Code Student

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