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How to keep things Easy

Do you ever wonder how life could get any easier?

Or do you find yourself saying 'how could this get any worse'?

What you put your attention to, and your thoughts and words toward, creates more of that same energy.

To simplify any scenario or situation in your life that feels heavy, or stuck, or immovable, I invite you into the possibilities that a question will bring to you.

How does it get better than this?

How does this get easier?

What's right about this that I am not getting?

Keep the questions open ended. In other words, we are not asking for an answer, or a conclusion.

We are asking for a receptivity to and for the invitation of possibilities that exist beyond the thinking, feeling, and consideration that created our challenge/issue/problem/dilemma.

As my friend and I say to each other often: 'It doesn't have to be so hard'. So everywhere you feel is hard right now in your life, step back about 10,000 feet, expand yourself out as big or bigger than the Earth, and look again. Be curious and ask,

"What else is possible here?"

And listen. And watch. And rest. And play. And laugh. And cry. And do whatever feels lighter to you now.

Growing up I often heard that curiosity killed the cat. I never really understood what they meant. It felt like the speaker was choosing limitation, and I never could agree to it. What if that cat's curiosity birthed another life? One beyond which we can see in this moment.. . What if the cat is still alive....though perhaps not recognizable as a cat anymore :-)

Life can have greater ease, joy, glory, and simplicity, if we choose it. But not with the same thinking, feelings, patterns, and considerations that created it.

Be curious.

What can you choose today, that if you did, would change all this, with total ease?

Yours In Possibility,


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