What to Expect 

We all have a soul and we are all here to learn our own lessons.  Everything that unfolds in our life is for our own awakening to self.  I will help you to navigate these moments when you get stuck.

My goal is to co-create a space where our conversation flows freely.  We talk about your spiritual background, where you are now, what matters to you, what you want to grow, what you want to shift, and how you are being called to get there.

​​Our session lasts 55 minutes and during this time I receive messages from your soulful self, the part of you that is timeless, all-knowing and ever connected to the source that we are (that originates us) - beyond the operating system.  These messages shed light on what this particular challenge(s) means as a life lesson and will guide you through learning from them for the highest possible outcome.  Whatever the goal, you can expect to experience a greater sense of peace and ease, enhanced spiritual connections, and perhaps most notably, you will have a richer relationship with yourself steeped in love and self- respect, making decisions that serve you and creating the life you desire and deserve.

We could have a single clarity session or multiple integrative spiritual coaching sessions depending on your goals. Just as chronic illnesses heal over time, so too does transformation progress in stages and you may choose to receive additional support or go deeper in your process.


If you choose an Emotional Release Session we will work to remove trapped emotions that are keeping you stuck in painful patterns, or from moving into greater successes.

Custom Guided Meditations use imagery and specific targeted affirmations to help you visualize and affirm your intention.

The outcome of our session largely depends on your willingness to be open and receptive to change and willing to take the necessary actions your soul guides you to. This work requires courage - it is for those who are ready to stop letting ego lead and allow their soul to guide them.  They understand that there is another way and are willing to surrender to that possibility.  For those who do, the transformation into healing and growth are inevitable.   

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