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Creating What Comes Next

Happy New Year to All!

In the past, on these New Year days, I would send out a reading about what is to come: themes, possibilities to grow, etc.

There are plenty of amazing channelers and readers out there who provide this information, and I follow a few.

But this year, it just didn't feel like the thing for me to do.

This year, and most of the past year, I've been called to ask questions. And to facilitate others to ask their own questions. Having spent so much time in the seeking of answers, this has been a muscle I've had to workout on the regular.

So for this January 1 blog post, what I would like to offer is a few questions I am asking to generate and create the life I choose to live in 2024 (and beyond!). May they be a resource for you, and perhaps even an inspiration, for your own questions.

  1. What would it take to outcreate my life of 2023?

  2. How much more expansive can I be?

  3. What can I add to my life that would be a contribution?

  4. How much greater can my life be this year?

  5. How much more of myself can I allow to be this year?

  6. What greater contribution can I be to the planet this year?

  7. What energy, space, and consciousness can me and my body be to have total ease with each other all the time?

  8. What would it take to be grateful to my body all the time?

  9. How can I relax in to the unfolding of ....... with total ease for all eternity?

  10. What is possible that I have never even considered?

Have fun with these, make up your own, ask daily, and as often as you choose. The more often the better!

How does it get any better than this?

Yours In Possibility,


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