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Your answers will be challenged...find your pulse, reach for your roots, and fly free.

January had us asking questions with our heart and soul and listening deeply for our answers: who are you, what is important to you, what do you love, who loves you, what makes you feel alive, etc. February energy has us feeling into the measure of those answers and really owning them.

But February doesn’t stop there.

It’s about trusting you know what you know, and learning to identify the pulse of that knowing and orient around it.

Much like trees in the winter. They are still such expansive and lively beings, all the while pulling their energy completely into their core and thickening the sap, if you will. So too, are we called to enter this channel, to connect to our sap, so to speak and to find our essential pulse, the base rhythm we vibrate at and with and to.

Now February brings us what may feel like contradictions and personal challenges. Challenges to what you expect, think, believe, and feel about what you spent that month of January sussing out. February helps you to cement what you know with a trial by fire, of sorts for a further distillation.

These answers will be put to the test in an almost Byron Katie fashion: Is this true? Is this really true? And furthermore, what does this feel like if I align with this truth? In other words, if I live into it and make my actions reflect my heart and soul’s truth.

Now we are called to refine our answers and bring them into our core. To really own them and navigate by them like a north star.

For some people February energy will feel relatively innocuous and for others it will feel like drawing a line in the sand energy. We will have to really choose to hold on to what we have discerned in January with our questioning and deep listening. And we’ll have to choose how devoted we are willing to be to these answers.

To ride this energy we will need support to stay in alignment with our deep truths, our sap, when we are challenged by circumstances, or events that could make us question or doubt again.

But February doesn’t leave us hanging!

February also reminds us that love is everywhere and love is everything and every thing. And yes, LOVE is the answer! I don't mean in a commercial or holiday way, but a See it, Name it, Love it way.

Our ace in the hole, if you will, is to bring more awareness of love into our lives.

To guide us through we can turn to heart opening practices to help us to stay in our own channel of love, where our answers, or inner knowings, reside. That channel IS the essence of who you are, your essential nature as a Divine Being. And when we experience a challenge or contradiction, we are really dancing around the edges of that channel. Being guided, in a way, back to it. Back to our sap, our knowing, our pulse, our rhythm of Oneness.

This February energy, in fact all of 2022 in a very specific way, is about reminding us who we really are as a Soul and Spiritual Being, and all the events, or circumstances that arise in our lives are designed to do just that. Always, all ways. If we choose to work with this energy we can heal and grow in not just our own lives or relationships, expand not just our own consciousness, but all of humanity. And a rising tide floats all boats.

Until next time, when we discuss tips for working with this energy,

:-) Rachel

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This resonates dear Rachel. I love these writings!

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