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Yes, there is a test, but you've got the answers!

This February's energy is about really getting what we know at a cellular level. The no doubts, certainty place that cannot be shaken. You know what you know and you know you know it. Ultimately it's about finding our pulse, reaching for our roots, and flying free.

And guess what? You will be tested!

Do you really know who you are, what you want, how you want to live, etc. Now is the opportunity to cement those truths, those deep knowings that have been rolling around between your head and your heart trying to make themselves seen.

Each of us will have our own experience of this test, and some of us may have several depending on our own soul lessons we are working on. All of us will have moments of self-doubt and flashlight searching in the darkness. Developing an awareness of our inner channel and reaching for our roots will bring us through these moments and out the other side into clarity and a deep knowing of who we are as one of the One. An ever connected being of light who is timeless and infinite in nature and capable of riding any challenge. Feeling our pulse while in the channel will help us to identify the frequency in which we thrive.

So how do we work with these challenges or the monkey mind that may arise without losing our channel? And how do we know we are in the channel?

We turn to love. Big, huge, unconditional, no words necessary, everything belongs here LOVE. And it starts with me. Loving myself unabashedly, just because! It feels like that wrapped up in your favorite warm fuzzy blanket where everything feels safe, and anything is possible from here.

As Brene Brown puts it:

"I am clear about who I am and I am not going to negotiate that with you. Because then I may fit in for you, but I no longer belong to myself".

And belonging to yourself is being in the channel. And when you are there you are saying,

'Your actions don't regulate my feelings. I do.'

To get started on staying (or getting) in your channel, here are some ideas:

Bring your awareness to your heart by placing your dominant hand on your chest and inviting a loving breath in through your nose, and breathing love out through your mouth, to surround you like a blanket. Repeat for 6 breaths or more, as often as you need.

Explore Ecstatic Dancing or free flowing movement where you are in your heart and allowing your body to follow its lead. Rock out or sway to your favorite music.

Journaling questions (my favorite tool!): How can I bring more love to this…?

HUGS!!!! Heart to heart hugs where you hold each other for 10 seconds or more. Allowing your hearts to open and meet. Moving into real connection.

If you are a yogi, or you want to explore yoga, this is a great time to focus on heart opening postures and breath work.

Listen to guided meditations for heart opening.

Explore a Clarity Reading to learn your own soul-instructed tools for working with February energy and clarifying your own questions and answers.

Connect with one of the greatest treasure chests of love: Stand outdoors, taking a deep breath in through your nose and spread your arms wide. Exhale out your mouth as you embrace the essence of life all around you. Repeat.

Any type of exercise that STRETCHES open your pectoral, latissimus, or deltoid muscles regularly. Rolling out is also quite beneficial to open your heart.

Until next time, You got this!


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