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Who are You and Big ?'s - January's invitation

As a follow up to my 2022 channeled forecast, the time has come to show people who we are as soulful beings. To do this we have to look at our life, course correct if necessary, and step up and step out. Like getting naked in a room full of strangers!

This year will have ups and down, as all do. Yet the swings will be greater. The lessons more immediate, if we embrace them, because this speeding up is what is called for now. We no longer have the luxury of being comfortable.

And we begin with January, which is all about discernment and 'getting to know you’ by asking (or beginning to ask if we haven’t already) bigger questions of ourselves from an observer's view.

To work with this energy of discernment, you can ask some or all of these questions of yourself and listen deeply for the answers.

How can I love more?

What needs more of my attention?

What is it time to let go of?

Who Am I?

Why Am I here?

How can my light change the world?

What does my heart and soul really want to express?

Who are my people?

What brings me joy or fires me up?

Where do I feel a sense of belonging?

Who do I love?

Who loves me?

What do I really need?

Who do I trust?

Where am I hiding?

How am I distracting myself? Does this serve me?

What is calling out from my soul to be shared, seen, witnessed, heard, expressed?

What matters to me?

Go for a walk and offer up any of these questions to your Source (Trees, Higher Power, God, Divine, etc,).

Sit down and journal around these prompts.

Have a shower or bath conversation with yourself as the interviewee and interviewer.

Invite these explorations into your yoga practice, or your meditation, or exercise session.

NOTE: You can feel pushed into your soul lessons, in a sense, by outside events. Watch for those if you are feeling stymied with the exercises above. You can also ask ‘Why is this happening now? or What do I need to learn?’

And please remember:

If you are kind to yourself, you can be kind to others. If you don’t judge yourself, you won’t judge others. When you love yourself, you can truly love others. Even the parts of you that you think you don’t like, deserve your love.

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