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True Healing requires more than the Body

...but it is an avenue.

So often we approach healing one-dimensionally: My body is experiencing dis-ease, or discomfort, I need to heal it to feel better. My emotions are controlling my life and if I could just remove this baggage I would feel better. My mind is busy all the time but if I could quiet it I would be so much more at ease....

I used to believe that my Soulful Self was in my physical body as if I had separate parts. That thought led to the belief that I had to be responsible for my body and having to take care of it or it would turn on me: exercise, eat well, get enough sleep. Like it was a child or a pet that needed constant care that I sometimes (or more often) didn't feel like taking care of.

And I was sick. A lot. From hepatitis to viral encephalitis to chronic fatigue syndrome to Epstein-Barr Virus, Strep, CMV, and on and on.....So you can imagine that maybe I didn't have the best relationship with my body. I learned to eat in what I thought were healthier ways. I researched, studied, read about nutrition and supplementation and began taking them. LOTS. I went to bed early and practiced yoga regularly with various forms of meditation. I visited acupuncturist, chiropractors, and massage therapists.

And I would still feel discomfort or experience unwanted symptoms. I would meditate to feel a sense of space and quiet, but struggle with falling asleep at night. Or I would use Emotion Code techniques to release trapped emotions I was holding but still feel unsatisfied.

I never looked at myself as though all these elements (physical, emotional, soulful, spiritual) were part of the Oneness of Infinite Being. I saw each of them as being separate in their own way and the body being the most obtuse aspect. If only she could talk to me!

And honestly, the body is the first place we look to fix and feel better. Then it's the mind, or the emotions. Rarely do we go further than that. And if a physician or practitioner didn't have the answer to my physical body imbalances, it was not uncommon for me to feel lost, frustrated, let down, disappointed, and more. And even blame my body.

Then came the messages. Soul messages. For others. I could be aware of the Soul's lesson and how it was connected to the Body and what he/she was sharing.

More and more I was called to recognize the multidimensional being that I am, that we are.

I am not just the body. I am a Soul. I am infused by Spirit. And the body is like an appendage of the Soul. The mind is a tool of the Soul, as are the emotions. All infused with life force by Spirit/Divine/Essence. So while only attending to one: physical, emotional, Soulful or Spiritual, if I do not address the cohesive Oneness of my Being I am unable to create lasting change or healing. There is an integration at play here. And separation of any elements prevents us from experience true ease and balance.

That's not to say there is not a place for healing the physical body or calming the mind, however, we must look beyond it as the stopping point, or the source even of, of our symptoms. Emotions, physical symptoms, etc are all representations of imbalances in or with the Soulful Self as well as the presence or lack of Spiritual connection. We need to address all of the Being for true health to be embodied. Only when we integrate and embody what we Know, when we BE, can we truly experience healing or offer a helping hand to others and the planet.

And the body does indeed talk - in fact she is the greatest communicator. Instantaneous even! The body symptoms acts as a metaphor for the Soul lesson wanting to be learned, the calling wanting to be heard.

I now realize that if we truly are infinite beings, then we must acknowledge our healing has infinite possibilities. If I only approach wellness from the perspective of healing the physical body, or calming the mind, or connecting with Spirit then I am missing out on everything in between. I have cut myself in to aspects of Self and there is no Divinity in that. My body is in Me. I am not in my body.

Here are a few examples from my practice:

A woman was experiencing bleeding between her cycle. Our work together indicated that the physical body wasn't the cause of the symptoms. The source was what she was choosing in her world around her. She was giving herself away to her friend circle and bleeding herself out for them. She had an idea allergy that prevented her from experiencing ease around her own preferences. Once we were able to recognize this and work with the beliefs, emotions, soul and spirit connections we were able to release the allergy from the body and her cycle normalized.

A man came to me experiencing fatigue and great discontent. He was very unhappy in his relationships and had given his heart away. He was in conflict with himself and tired of it. He was shut down to seeing that he was in charge of his choices and could choose joy, ease, and love, if he was willing to be honest with himself and take responsibility for his own happiness. While some physical changes were in order to relieve his symptoms, until he made this shift in awareness of what he was choosing to make valuable, those shifts were mild at best.

A woman was experiencing digestive discomfort. All tests came back fine. It turns out her daughter was experiencing extreme anxiety and panic attacks even. She was picking up her daughter's emotional and physical state and her body was trying to show her that what she was holding wasn't hers. Time to let it go. The awareness is often times all that is required to make a shift.

So what is the metaphor your body is playing out for you? Do you have back, neck or shoulder pain and are heartbroken but not allowing yourself to acknowledge it? Do you struggle with digestion issues but don't know how to be at ease with your preferences? Is your mind running all over and so are you in your personal life? Do you struggle with weight gain and feel the need to protect yourself? Do you experience PTSD symptoms and don't know how to move beyond the past?

I offer this. Spend some time with a Q and A session with the body. Ask:

Body show me what you know.

What else is possible here that I am not seeing?

How can me and my body process this with more ease?

Am I healing for someone else?

Body what is the message you are trying to get me to explore? What do I do with it?

Can I change this? If so, how?


Sit in silence and imagine seeing yourself from outside your body, outside your state,

outside your country, outside your continent, from outer space. What can you notice

from this perspective?


If you look at a symptom as belonging to someone else, what would you see as the metaphor?


Book "Is this for You?" a free 15 minute phone consult with me to explore how you can experience more ease, joy and glory in your body and in your days.

Until next time, wishing you much ease, joy and glory.


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