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Stay Calm and Keep Moving...

I chose this picture because of the focus on moving despite challenges, and the support being provided. An odd choice perhaps; it also speaks to a gentleness and compassion that we so desperately need as a people. For ourselves, and each other.

So mid-month June reading is one of encouragement. Shifts happening. Peaks and Troughs, perhaps, if you listened to early June's post. The encouragement is to be gentle with yourself. It's a wave we are riding. And they ebb and flow. So to stay on our surfboard, we have to keep our balance. And to keep our balance, we have to be kind to ourselves. And being kind can mean making more time for rest, or for exercise, or expressing a need, or simply acknowledging one, or letting go of an old belief, or dropping our judgement and allowing everything to simply be what it is.

Whatever it looks like for you, embrace the invitation to be gentle with yourself. And practice being gentle with others. It's a whole new opportunity and whatever is happening is because we have asked for healing and growth. So let's look through those fresh eyes and when we feel ourselves bringing the past in to the present moment, as in, 'Oh I've been here before with you....' let us pause, take a breath, and say:

Isn't that interesting!

How does this get better?

In this way, we can stay calm by dropping judgement, and keep moving forward to a new possibility. We say to Universe/Source/Divine, that we are ready and receptive for this to change.

With great respect,


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