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Sometimes you have to Wait

I haven't written a post in almost two months.

And I wanted to! I really did! And every time I sat down to listen and write for you....crickets.....there just wasn't a message to share.

And my business slowed down and my schedule opened up. And there I was, in between.

At an intersection of many paths: my role as a parent was changing again, my family and I were in between homes, I was in between work spaces, in between what I was to offer as my contribution to those seeking, in between on a healing journey of my own.

Change, change, change - and I wanted to know now how it would turn out, where I would be, what would follow....

Even though my mind knew that life wasn't about what comes next, but rather what's happening now. And I knew the value of exploring the coulds, not shoulds, or maybes.

Yet I argued with myself and the spaciousness of my days. And I wanted to find all sorts of distractions. In a society that often measures value and success based on productivity and output, sitting in stillness and listening (or waiting) is an atrophied muscle we must learn to strengthen.

So, I surfed the internet for homes for sale while we wait for the housing market to settle a bit. I looked for space to rent to serve clients, as the term for my temporary space was up. I took long walks with my dog, Lola, preparing for a hiking trip in May. I cooked more. I visited with family. I planted and potted my very small paved backyard.

And still I wanted to be ready to leap in so many ways into the next adventure(s).

So I leaned in to Access Consciousness tools:

What's right about this that I'm not getting?

How can I be with this with total ease?

What am I missing, that if I knew it, would allow me to see clearly?

What actions can I take today to facilitate knowingness?

And I dove in to Emotion/Body Code and Quantum Matrix Code tools to answer these questions:

What do I need to let go of in order to leap when it's time?

What's causing me to doubt myself and this right timing?

What blocks or imbalances are preventing me from moving forward?

I read for myself.

And wouldn't you know it, clarity came. And in abundance. When I finally turned toward it, and surrendered my will to have it my way now, and was willing to embrace the opportunity to look deeper.

I came to appreciate the divine right timing, nurture and nourish my body, soul, heart, and spirit, and let go of the emotional baggage from the past that was tripping me up and limiting what I was willing to allow as possibility. It wasn't the time to leap because so much more needed to happen within me to to align with the what, the where, and the how I was asking for.

So if you are feeling stuck, trapped, lost, out of sorts, impatient, or any other discomfort, I offer you this:

All seeds begin their journey in the dark. Darkness is required for all the necessary elements to come together in the highest possible way to generate the greatest chances of success for the hardiest of plants and the healthiest of blooms.

If you are in the darkness now perhaps this is where you need to be. And if you are feeling distracted, or feel your seedling faltering, or just want to feel more purpose, explore a session with me to nurture your roots, prime your soil, and thrive.

Yours always in Possibility,


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