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Set your sights for Possibilities!

May (and every other day) energy is about pivoting. Not dissecting or analyzing or defining, or deciding. It's a small move towards what we want to believe, see, and experience that has ginormous outcomes.

It's time to let go of what we think is impossible, to have what's possible. Stepping in to a power we have long ago forgotten or neglected.

So many times throughout the day we tell ourselves what isn't possible. And when we do we limit our enjoyment and experience of life. In other words, we allow our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions, and considerations to dictate what we will allow into our reality, or doing, of life. And we don't tend to do it out loud. It's more often an internal conversation that is occasionally broadcast. "I can't afford that", or "I can't have that", or "We can't do that", or "That's not the way it's done" running in the background like a program that gets triggered every time we run in to the desire for something different or more.

Have you ever wondered what determines how much we receive? Why do some people have more and others have less money, or time, or relationships, or hobbies, etc.? Because they are willing to allow more of that energy into their life. They don't have the same limitations about what's possible in that arena. We create our reality by being willing to allow or exclude possibilities.

When we can BE in life, we can allow everything. We can look at each and every consideration and ask, "What else is possible?" or "How does this get better?"

We put down the learned limitations of our constructed reality and can create that which moves us with joy. Simply by being in the question, rather than the conclusion. As Access Consciousness teachings espouse, a question empowers, an answer disempowers.

So, just for today, (and every other today), what else is possible? And how does this get better? Watch as the Universe/Source/God/Divine/Higher Power blows your mind with the greatness available to you when you are willing to allow it.

Best wishes for a day full of possibilities! (and every other day thereafter!)


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