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Recognizing Yourself in Everything

Many astrologers have been talking about the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio that happened May 15. About it being time to let go of outdated ideas and embrace new ones, specific to where Scorpio lies in your birth chart. While I'm no astrologer, that's not my gift, I can see see the energetic invitations in this month's reading. Let's break it down.

In early May we looked at what was possible; this mid-month May energy is about the amazing possibility of recognizing ourselves in everything. And to do that, we've got to let go of the outdated ways we have organized ourselves in relationship to each other and everything. The way we have held ourselves as separate, or better than, or less than, or just different.

To separate ourselves from others we must separate from parts of ourselves. It would be like cutting off part of our face, or hating ourselves just to justify hating someone else. And Why? Because we want to win; because winning means feeling a sense of place. Yet in this scenario no one can be liked, or loved, or connected, or included. This won't get us whatever sense of security, or comfort, or connection we are ultimately seeking. To imagine we are separate from each other, or the trees, or the birds, or the insects, is like cutting off one of our senses and living in 50% of our body.

World events continue to unfold showing us how interconnected we are. The illusions of separation are growing thinner and thinner on this planet, in human consciousness. These events will continue to invite us to shift and embrace our unity as a species, as an energetic frequency and as infinite beings of the Infinite. Clarity is the name of the game here. Seeing clearly, knowing ourselves as one of the One, and recognizing that we share a universal heart beat.

This mid-May energy invites us to embrace and include. Whatever old idea or misbelief you are holding on to that says you are separate, or more than, or less than, or different...', let it go. Embrace the one that allows you to see yourself in all the woman with the screaming child at the grocery store, in the upset child, the angry man honking his horn in traffic, the tree bending under the force of the wind, the baby delighting in the discovery of her toes, the dog basking in the sun without a care, the lobbyist asking for more oil production, the politician advocating for climate change, your parent struggling to remember, the ant looking for food. All of these beings are part of the One. And while each and every one of them has it's own look, and it's own feel, at their core they are part of the fabric of this Oneness. As are we.

A gentle practice I have been using to bring awareness to this frequency of Oneness begins with noticing Nature. I allow myself to feel the trees, to stretch my senses into a bird song, or an osprey in flight. I sit for 10 minutes talking it all in. I notice the peace, the elegance, the simplicity, and yes, the familiar sense I call Oneness underneath it all. This feeling of home, of place.

When I can do this practice with ease, I stretch to those in my family. What do they feel like if I allow myself to sense them rather than to 'know' them? I invite my senses to find the Oneness we share.

And when I can do this with those closest to me, I reach out further, to those I meet on the street, in the store...feeling for the Oneness, feeling for our place, home.

May you enjoy this exploration. There is nothing to Do. Only Be the one of the One that you are.

Yours in the mystery,


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