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Making room for what comes next...

Today was my first walk through the corn field. There is so much more to see when the corn is down. The horizon returns to my view and what was hidden is no longer. What remained of the summer crop is removed and what I see is the soil and the remnants from which it grew. The world around us is always offering us teachings if we choose to take notice.

Now, that's not to say that I don't need to watch my step. I certainly do. Corn cobs and corn stalks litter the path. There's a lot of mindful walking and some efforting, especially if walking against the rows of the corn, across the planting. So it's big, slow, intentional steps when I do so. Noticing, noticing, noticing.

I remind myself that these rows are there for a reason. I planted them intentionally. And I recognize that many of us may not even know what we planted, just what we harvested. Or we may not even know what we harvested. But we do know what we did in the spring and summer and what we experienced during those times and now in early fall. And that's what this time of year begins to invite us to. To take the moments to notice our harvest.

Whether we are savoring the sweetness, or experiencing the bitterness of our seasons, we can still glean much from these summer crops, by opening our hearts even wider to the lessons of these cycles.

So how ARE you? How is your heart? Has it been a full year for you? How has your heart grown and expanded this year? Or do you feel like you have contracted, and if so how? What else in your life is a contraction, or feels smaller, or tighter and how are those two related?

To help us with this I've created a guided mediation for my newsletter community to assist in lightening our emotional or mental load so the way forward this season in to ease, joy and glory, becomes so much easier. And the next cycle that much more intentional. I invite you to explore often.

From my heart to yours,


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