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Love or Fear?

Easy question, right? But how much of the time are we asking ourselves this question?

Am I choosing appreciation, compassion, lightness, inclusiveness, opportunity, OR am I choosing doubt, worry, judgement, contraction, separation?

I feel anxious, confused, irritable, or short, or frustrated, or or or or or .....and I react from that place of fear. I am dis-empowered.

I feel appreciation, trust, hope, or possibility, or space, or help, or or or or ....and I choose from that place of love. I am empowered.

Every moment is an opportunity to create the world around us that we want to live in. Every choice guides us closer or farther from love. We must discern what we are choosing.

I'm not suggesting it's easy. And I am aware that for many it may feel harder than ever right now. What I am saying is that it's more important now than ever. This world needs light and deep listening. We as humans need it.

And it begins with Me.

We need to ask ourselves all day and every day:

Is this choice coming from love or fear?

And then listen for the answer.

If it isn't love, then I have a choice to find what is. And follow that, talk about that, think about that, share about that, act from that place of empowerment. And watch my life and the world around me change.

I commit to choosing love. Will you choose with me?


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