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Karma Chameleon

As a young girl I learned the art of blending in. I could become anyone I wanted to be, or rather, mimic.

As so many of us do, I had learned that who I was was not acceptable. I needed to be 'different'. More like this, and less like that. So, I decided to mimic others. How could I go wrong? People would like me because I was like them! I had lots of friends, and everyone liked me. In fact, I was so good at being a chameleon that I lost the Self I was!

Years later, thanks to an extreme drive to uncover my truth, I began noticing how I 'blended in' to groups and situations with a less than authentic intention. It is rewarding to catch myself, and over time it gets easier.

Turns out, I really like who I am - just as I am - and so do others! I cannot share my unique gifts and perspectives when I am trying to be like someone else. And the world is minus one light if I do.

Recently, I noticed myself slipping in to old behaviors with my colleagues. I was making flippant remarks to comments and had stopped sharing my introspection around the topic. I was tired and the old patterned behavior of wanting to be approved of took over. I became who I thought they wanted me to be. Fortunately, with some quiet time with my Self, I could hear my Self saying: "Hmm, this is interesting. Where are you Rachel?"

If I want to share the best of my Self, I have to be my Self. For me, this comes about by loving and accepting myself and letting go of the need for approval from others. My inner compass again becomes my guide and leads me home.

Over to you: Sometimes we don't feel our inner compass because we are tired, or distracted, or blocked. Can you feel your inner compass? Where is it pointing you to?

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