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It's time to Savor your Sweetness....

Many yoga teachers will tell you that Savasana, the rest period at the end of a yoga class, is the most important part of the class. It's the time to integrate your movement or breath practice with body, mind, and Spirit. This season has similar significance.

Now that it's officially fall, it's time to enjoy where you are; where you have arrived after a full spring of planting and a summer of growing, weeding and harvesting. There's nothing to do, seek, or change to get you somewhere better. Nowhere to be but Here and Now with this new version of You. The road/your journey to get here will be food for the winter's study.

You have crossed over a threshold, seen or unseen. You are not the same person as when the year began, whether you yet recognize it or not. Consider this version 2.0, or 10.0, or 20.0. The point is, you have completed the cycle of what you planted in the spring and can savor the harvest. You are different.

So partake of the abundance of the fall foods and festivals. Revel in the late afternoon light as it filters through the just turning leaves. Sip the apple cider and savor the pumpkin flavored delights. This is the time to bask in the glory of this year's growth. Don't wait till year's end. Begin it now. Be bold. Be brazen in your appreciation of all the bounty in your life: everything that you have planted, watered, nurtured, generated, expressed, empowered, emboldened, enlightened, released, reprieved, or just plain let go of.

Need a visual? Consider the emblem of fall: the turning leaf. You are the turning leaf. Your life is the living allegory of this season. Take note, and appreciate where you can and what you can. Savor your sweetness.

Yours in Possibilities,


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