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It's Time! The wait is Over!

If you have been a struggling with August's offering to slow down, it's time for the payoff!

This is It!

Things may look pretty similar, but I promise you it isn't. It's subtly (or hugely!) life changing!

We have about 3 weeks till fall officially kicks off. Till we celebrate the Autumnal Equinox. At this time, nature begins to slow down (even more!), and turn within. But preceding this shift, is time for expansion! The last of the summer harvest. Tomatoes still on the vine, peppers still growing, watermelon popping up as if to say, 'Hey! we aren't done here!'

And the offering is for us humans to leap! Leap in to whatever opportunities arise that feel light, expansive, enlivening. And they will come. And they will come suddenly.

If we've been mirroring the call for August, and have taken the time to slow down and reflect, or to listen inwardly, many of us will have recognized something clarifying: a new desire, a new awareness about work, family, fun, a new way of looking at an old situation. This is the fuel for your fire. The fire that inspires your leap and your new landing space!

And this is an auspicious time. Whatever leap you make now will be totally supported by the Universe/Divine. There is an extra something to encourage and help us in to our new groove.

For some, this could be a big move, maybe across states, a breakup, or a new commitment. For others, it won't feel as outwardly physically transforming. The shift will be more subtle at first, and the outcome not seen or felt as quickly. (ie. a new way of embracing yourself, or relating to another, or handling conflict, or just allowing yourself to acknowledge that you would like something to be different.) If it doesn't feel huge, do not be discouraged. This move, whatever it may be for you, is potent. There is a strong resolve, a universal backbone, behind you.

Important Note: This leap is a choice. So if you choose not to leap now, for whatever reason, this isn't to say that opportunities will not arise again for you, rather it will not be as easy to make the shifts later on. Moreover, staying where we are could begin to feel restrictive. It could even look like things are falling apart as the old ways begin to feel uncomfortable . All of this is the universe inviting (which may feel like pushing!) us to our best lives.

Now if you're wondering what your leaping into... take a deep breath and let it out slowly through your mouth. In fact, do this a few times.

Most of us know what we would like to change. It's that niggling feeling inside or that wild hair of an idea like 'One day, or I wish I could...' It bubbles up when we allow ourselves to playfully explore what our dream world would look or feel like.

For others, it's not so clear. And fear not, you still have time to pick up your journal, or go for a walk in nature. Hold your questions loosely and allow the Divine/Universe/Source/God to speak to you through nature, design, relationships, and even the everyday minutiae. Try opening your field of vision a bit wider and tune your antennae for the incoming messages. The Divine speaks to us everyday day in all ways. And most significantly, make time for these questions. It's really making time for yourself. It's acknowledging that you matter and that you deserve a life of ease, joy and glory. What else is possible?

If you are feeling lost with this offering, or would like some extra support to dial in this opportunity, consider a Clarity Reading for a fine tuning to be ready to leap with this energy.

Finally, I leave you with these words from the philosopher Goethe: "Whatever you dream, or think you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic, and power!"

And as MLK put it, 'you don't have to see the whole staircase' to take the first step.

See you on the other side,


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