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It's really that simple!

Yes, sometimes life is that simple. In fact, I dare say it can be all the time. We've just bought in to stories that say things have to be harder, or more complicated, or even that we've got to struggle. That we don't know what we know. That it just can't be that easy.

Early April has brought greater clarity about this simplicity. To our wants, goals, desires, and dreams. We've seen, touched, tasted, experienced what I'm talking about in our own lives in our own way these past weeks. If you don't remember, pause here and think back to earlier this month when you made a decision. Did it involve simplifying something? Or come as a result of greater clarity about a situation or scenario?

When the clouds come to obscure what you thought once was clear, and they do, go back to the basics. Remember the sun on your face, and what it felt like to simplify your life, what it felt like to drop the story or the struggle that something, your thing, had to be hard, or difficult, or you had to suffer for it, and you made a new choice. Go back to feeling your pulse, your own aliveness, your rhythm of breath that just feels 'right', 'easy', 'simple'.

There's not much more to say here other than 'you got this'. The math really is that simple.

You already know. Trust that you Do. And use your tools of remembering. Maybe it's a poem, a journal entry you made, a song or lyric, your own voice recording, a mantra or prayer you connect with, or, or, infinite number of possibilities that when heard, or read, bring you back to that 'oh yeah' place. That's what that was about....

Today I was reading (for me) a new interpretation of the 'Prayer of Jesus' in Aramaic. This line popped out to me.

"Don't let us enter forgetfulness, but free us from unripeness".

May you feel the sun on your face, may you feel the ripeness that is you, and the simplicity of knowing that you know, and that's enough. It really is that easy. If we let it be.

We got this.


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