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How do we choose?

It's not always easy. Not by appearance.

They look really similar, except for the color of the doors...

'What will the outcome be if I choose red?', we want to know.

'What will the outcome be if I choose yellow?'

'How do I know which is the better choice?'

'How are they different?'

I could make a list of pros and cons.

I could ask my closest friends or family whom I trust.

I could do a little market research about responses to colors, or study the visible light spectrum, or...

But really, how do I make the decision?

Fingers crossed and hope for the best?

Is it the one that makes the most sense?

Or do I trust my heart?

Answer: How does it feel?

We don't have to agonize over a decision, or rationalize it out, or measure the benefits. We can know instantly.

Does one choice feel lighter than the other? Is there greater ease around choosing it?

Does one choice feel heavier? Do you dread it when you think about it?

Notice how each choice feels. Let that be your guide. It is often an instant awareness. If we choose to listen. Trust what you receive. With practice this can become very easy.

Follow the light.

And if you need any support, please reach out. I'm here to help you find your way back to the lightness you are and make those choices, or decisions, with great ease and clarity.


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