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Enough time for Yourself

Enough time for yourself isn't a question, though some may be wondering how to do that. Consider this a manifesto, or a line in the sand, or a reminder even of what you already know.

If we all could use our telepathic gifts, we would hear each other walking around with a list running through our heads.

go grocery shopping

return amazon order

get a snack for Susie's class

dog to the vet

plan dinners

school meeting

HOA meeting


It's a laundry list morning to night. They keep us pretty occupied focusing on what comes next. We think it keeps us on task, and on track to get it all done on time.

But where are we in all that busyness?

Thinking and focusing on the next moment and what done would look like. Yet we are never done. Life is a continuous tapestry that we weave one strand at a time. And we cannot be here and there at the same time. Engaged and available to all that is unfolding now AND preparing for what may come, what might happen in the future.

The invitation this month and for those that continue is to live as if there is enough room for you in your life NOW. Because there is! But you must exercise the muscles of choice.

Ours is a garden that only we can water, nourish, enrich the soil, and yes, plan the harvest.

For me, I must carve out time for myself. I sit first thing in the morning before my day begins. 10-20 minutes drinking a cup of tea staring out the window, or journaling. Sometimes it's an afternoon guided meditation or evening prayer, a 1/2 hour of yoga, an Access Bars session, a hot bath, or any activity focused solely on me and this moment where I feel the community of Self that is generally tuned out when I run around with my great to do list.

Whatever it is, it feels unifying, and uplifting. My heart opens or expands and my mood shifts. I feel more ease.

And the world needs more of what makes our soul feel good, what nourishes us. We need to each explore what floats our boat. We have come to the end of following with the hopes that others will lead us to that which we seek. (I do mean as a society, and perhaps this reflects personally for you.) The days have come that we must engage in our inner world, explore our inner knowing to lead us. Especially in these times of near constant shifts. Only when we know ourselves as souls, recognize our interconnection and the light we each bring, will the world around us change. Truly, a rising tide floats all boats.

So I invite you to create the space in your schedule for YOU and the communion of YOU. Plan it. And over time watch it become a non-negotiable, like showering or brushing your teeth. You may notice you like you more, or you meet you for the first time, or you remember what you used to love, or discover what you love now, what makes you feel alive. And watch the relationships and events around you change in meaningful ways.

And the invitation doesn't just mean what you can live with our what you can make work, but what truly nurtures, restores, satisfies your soul, and aligns with your being. Because we can create by choice, or by default. And we are much more likely to get what we want by leading, rather than by following. We cannot get where we want to be by ignoring what we desire, and what we know. And we all want more ease, joy, and glory in our every days.

One way to make this space is to look at where we are living with 'should's' in our life. I 'should' attend the meeting, I 'should' go to the party, I 'should' contribute to the bake sale, I 'should' take care of that.

In my house we have a saying: "Did you just should on me?". It helps us to get clear about where we are in judgement. Of each other, and of ourselves.

If you journal, a few questions to explore this month:

Where am I making my needs wrong, or trying to fit in, by prioritizing others thoughts or opinions over my own needs?

And if your just not sure, go where your heart leads you. And the only way to know that is to pause, make space to hear, and listen to what your heart most wants to share with you. In listening and acknowledging is peace, ease, joy and yes, glory! In listening is choice, empowerment, affirmation, and creativity for the seeds of our next harvest.

Trust. Go boldly in to the stillness. Life is unfolding in every moment and you get to choose the next one.

Truly Yours,


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