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Do You Argue with your Body's Needs?

Trust you know what you know when you know it.

I love this picture because of the mirror image. To me it represents the way we can argue with ourselves, or the way we can talk ourselves out of our deepest knowing. Or heck, any knowing we have. We can even separate ourselves in to aspects just to argue with them to justify our need to be right.

This can play out for us in many ways. For me, it's playing out in my body. This week my energy levels are low. I find myself moving slower and wanting to fight with my body about this. I can even tell myself something must be wrong and I need to change my diet, or take more supplements, or....


What if nothing is wrong? What if nothing needs to change? It's winter. Looking around me I see everything is moving more slowly. Nature, animals, etc. It's the time of year most creatures hibernate. So why not me? Especially given the fact that I just spent two months gearing up to move, then holiday gatherings, and then actually moving itself. No surprise I might need a little down time. And why am I arguing with myself about this? Because of the old stories I have that I must be productive, be producing something, getting something done, to be a contributing human being.


When I stop for a moment and reexamine I can see this as the story it is. And I'm feeling pretty grateful for this fatigue. It points out to me that my body knows what it needs much better than my mind does. My mind is a calculating tool designed to work with facts and figures, but it's a terrible master. My body is aware of all the systems and what's running and what isn't and what I need to release and where and how I need to expand and heal.

The offering for these days is to listen to the wisdom of the body. Rather than arguing with it, explore the possibilities of what it is sharing with you. Sometimes it's just allowing ourselves to be aware of the sensations that's enough of a new beginning. Other times we may need to take action to address the body's needs. Let the mind sit in the back seat and follow your body's guidance. For me this looks like resting and making the space for downtime, stillness, relaxation in whatever forms feels fun to me. What I find is that as I embrace the awarenesses, they shift, lighten, release. What felt hard, now softens and lightens up.

So as you go about life these next moments, go softly. Explore trusting that your body isn't fighting you, but rather sharing some wisdom.

What else can you and your body be here?

How can you and your body flow with ease through these moments?

What else is possible?

What is right about this that I am not getting?

How can I receive more than ever before?

Invite the questions and notice how the conversation opens up and healing and change is the byproduct of you showering yourself with your own loving attention.

Wishing you ease, joy, and glory always,


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