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Did you know you could ask your Heart for help?

I just came home from the dentist. I don't really like the dentist (I know, few do!). And I'm usually pretty nervous when I go. Downright anxious, in fact, due to a great deal of past trauma and this visit was no exception. I was having a crown replaced that a previous dentist had done incorrectly. But this visit I decided things would be different. I was no longer willing to struggle with myself over an experience. Okay, let me expand on that. I started using some of my tools. ;-)

If we are a body living in a Spirit, this suggests to me that we have more options available to us than to accept our initial physical response to an event, or experience. In other words, I didn't have to accept feeling anxious as the only possible outcome of my dental visit.

As an infinite being, I had choice. And as an infinite being with a body, with a mind and a heart, I had a lot more members of my team to support more possibilities. I just hadn't been recognizing, or allowing them to be part of the process. In other words, I was choosing to believe that my body and to a degree my mind, were the only ones that could do anything about my dental anxiety. Deep breathing, soothing music, weighted blanket, calm response stick, etc. were my self-calming tools. And they helped, but the anxiety was still there. Until today.

As I sat down in the chair this morning, I recognized I could ask my team for help: my higher self, my mind, and my heart. I said something like: "Hey heart, mind, and higher self, body is experiencing some trauma today and we know mind is worked up about it. Are you willing to make this easier? And if so, how can you help?" And I let go of needing to know how. I chose to lean in to the lightness I felt when I trusted my team. The lightness, or ease, indicated to me that I was on the right track.

My plan was to listen to music and I had a playlist all queued up called Dental Office Happy Music Playlist. Crazy they exist, but they do! I had checked what was included and found a lot of upbeat Motown, Stevie. Wonder, Paul Simon, etc. and thought I would be smiling and rocking along. Different than my soothing music of the past, but I thought it might help. So imagine my surprise when I am leaning back in the chair, mouth propped open, orange glasses on, unable to move or change the station, when inspirational christian rock came on. Song, after song, after song, about loving, and feeling loved, and accepting love, and appreciation, and more. And the words landed in my ears and my heart expanded. Tears were rolling down my face as I realized heart was speaking to me. Heart was helping by sending me messages of hope, of love, of inspiration, and beyond. And Universe/Source/God had conspired with it to change my playlist so I could receive the messages. My heart opened so wide and I felt love flowing out to the dentist, and the technician, and eventually around the whole office and even beyond to friends and family across the country. I was one with the Love, and one with my heart, and one with humanity, and I felt part of something so much bigger than my physical body. I was receiving and sharing so much love, more than I had ever imagined possible.

And my body felt ease. No back tension. No gripping the arm rests or clenching my jaw. My body felt supported, and my mind quieted, and time and space altered and the whole process flew by.

So my friends, I offer this. Remember there is a team. You can ask your entire being for guidance, support, wisdom, and love. You are more than just a body. You are a mind, a heart, a breath, an infinite being only limited by what you believe is possible. Ask to be shown what is possible. Keep asking, 'What else is possible?'

And make room for the mystery, and the wonder and see it show up in spades. If you would like help with this, it would be my great honor to serve as a healing integrative support for you.

Until then, my heart sends love,


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