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August rush? Seriously, please No!

August always reminds me of the expression 'dog days of summer'. For me, it's about the heat, and the end of the season of leisure, before school, and work life consume so much more of our attention. I notice how we tend to pack our month full of activity to somehow stave off the coming end of summer. But what if we just took our time? And lived like the end was always imminent but so too is the beginning?

I mention all this, to bring our awareness to August's energy. It is calling us to Slow Down. To take notice. Savor the summer, the sweetness, the time spent with family, friends, nature, solace. To trust that all is as exactly as it needs to be for the next beginning.

Now in a way, this isn't a new message. As a society, we have been working on versions of this since the beginning of the year, and longer for others of us. This is a muscle we workout to create the space, the time, and the freedom to allow what is unfolding around us and within us to be witnessed. We bring our awareness to the treasures of each moment and notice what is happening within us, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally.

We are invited to create more moments of stillness, of unstructured time, and space; moments that we do not fill up, but rather empty out. To sit on the porch and sip homemade lemonade and listen to the birdsong. To read a book in the hammock. With no structure, or framework for our minute, hour, or day.

We give space for these experiences to enlighten us. The clarity we have been seeking, the question we really want to ask, the understanding we so deeply desire. Only with space and stillness, can these truths be witnesed, felt, and heard.

As we move into August, the universe invites us to feel more of what is already happening, what is always happening, what IS.

Will we accept the invitiation? There's so much waiting for us when we do.

The abundance of this rich garden, the fruits of the seeds long ago planted, is certain to nourish us in ways we cannot yet imagine and fertilize our mind, body, and spirit for what comes next.

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