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A new insight on helping - it really is about me

I was suffering. My stepdaughter called us to say she was unwell. She’s an adult and capable of her own care, but even so I wanted to help. Of course I offered a Body Code session to locate the underlying imbalances and clear them.

But she didn’t want my help.


How can I be helpful if you won’t accept my offer? I carried this baby around for the whole day in my own form of suffering.

Then I woke the next morning and it hit me!

It isn’t about being helpful, it’s about being recognized as someone who cares, someone who supports her.

Whoa! So this is about me!!

I realized that whether or not my offer of help is received, it does not diminish the caring intention. I had to let go of the idea that to be helpful people have to accept my help. My willingness, open hearted offering does not change whether it is received or not. If I offer from a place of caring, the energy of the offering, the intention is not diminished. The love and care is no less. The expression from my heart is the same.

And with this realization I can let go of the need for it to be recognized by the other to have value.

Help has many forms, including those we don’t physically act on, and those we do. So next time I offer help from my heart I do so with the awareness that this is the greatest action I can ever take to be helpful. Peace begins with me.

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