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The clouds part, and the sun shines again.

April is about the sun peeking out from behind the clouds, and shining it’s radiant warmth upon a cold wind-chapped face. Finally we feel warm, and feel the heat on our faces and the light all around us! Aaaaaaah, at last! At last I can take a break from the work of asking big questions and discerning my truths, and weeding out or establishing my community, and just play!

And who couldn't use a bit of play after the hard work! Yet, don’t be fooled by April's energy. Rather than seeing this as a reprieve, let’s interpret this energy as a sense of clarity. I see clearly now the clouds have parted. The clouds that have been hanging around for some time. I can see the situation clearly; from a new perspective from a bigger picture, the events or the experiences that have been really working on me; the patterns I’ve been living, the behaviors I’ve chosen, the choices I’ve made. We may even feel a bit lighter. We begin to see what's behind the clouds: oh, that's what that was about, oh that's what would really serve me, or what needs to happen next. That’s what I can let go of,or embrace, or change. So there’s going to be these moments of real clarity, and seeing people, relationships, and situations differently.

And then the clouds return.


I’ll share with you my understanding. This energy is to teach us to see, trust, and to ultimately source our choices, actions, and words, from love.

Now love has so many forms, and in our society we tend to focus and validate those that fall into a certain interpretation. Such as donating time or money to a cause, or bringing a meal to a friend, or giving them a ride, and telling another ‘I love you’. Those are all certainly acts of love and kindness. I’m talking about others that we tend to overlook. For instance, “I see that you're suffering and you seem to have difficulty seeing clearly. Let me share with you what I've observed”. So it's letting somebody know exactly how you feel with compassion, and NOT pretending or hiding your feelings because you don't want to hurt their feelings. A fellow teacher once said to me that compassion is holding a person in your heart and speaking your truth anyway. And that's the kind of love that I'm really talking about here. The: ‘Hey, I love you but I won’t co-sign that for you. I won’t co-opt this plan. The truth is that I don't feel like I can support you in this because it just doesn't align with what I believe to be my deeper truth here’. Or, 'I'm going to be making different choices now because this doesn't work for me anymore'. Or, 'wow, I know how to approach that idea, relationship, job, plan, etc. now in a way that can really align with my deeper needs'...

Yes, the clouds are going to come back and they're going to cover the sun again and we could feel like a bit of an April fool’s joke, or confused , or even ask if that clarity was real. But we will have the essence, the energetic imprinting of that sunshine and because we’ve had that moment of clarity we have that cellular information deep within us. So even if we don't remember the specifics of it, we can exercise that clarity by remembering the feel of the sun on our face, and choosing actions, or words, or thoughts that come from this love. And by choosing love we are going to take the highest step that's possible for us and those around us in that moment regardless of if we can see the full Sun or not.

So really revel in the moments that are being offered to us. Revel in those Sunshine moments. Take them in. Let them inform you. Journal, sing, dance, write poems, share and laugh with friends, go for walks, make recordings of your aha moments. Really enjoy them so they can be there for you when the clouds come again.

As you may know, I channeled a message for the 2022 year and sent it out to the newsletter list. What I didn’t share, was that I actually made another recording at that time because I knew this year would be full of opportunities to grow and that could feel challenging. I felt in my heart of hearts that we were going to really be working with some big things this year, so I made a recording to be able to go back and listen to remind myself of another perspective, a bigger one. I use it as a tool in those moments when I have forgotten the feel of the sun on my face, and I offer that same possibility to you.

Be well, dear ones. Embrace the sun upon your face. Sing your song. Choose love.

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