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Super Heroes and YOU!

Next week is thanksgiving, and for me, my favorite holy day. It feels to me about generosity of heart, gathering of community, and the sharing of our blessings. And coincides conveniently with what this mid-November energy is inviting us to.

It’s about recognizing and praising your hero self. Appreciating the ways YOU have shown up for YOU. Honoring the role you play in creating your life in all its amazement and in its wonder. The power and the potency and the miracle and the hope and the love that you are in your life. Patting you on the back for a job well done!

Mid-November energy calls us to give thanks for our selves, and to acknowledge the courage we exercise on a daily basis. For this body, this Spirit, this Soulful Self, that walks on this earth, in this time, in this space, in this capacity and for this calling. Regardless of whether or not we are clear on what that is or not, or even whether we like it or not. There is no denying that we are alive, reading this, (or writing this) in this moment, together, sharing an experience beyond time and space. Navigating all of life's perfect imperfectness at the same time.

And everyone is a version of a hero. By recognizing and offering gratitude for our Self - acknowledging ourselves - we are able to see our interconnectedness. And not with judgments, but with observation. Not in conclusion about what it means, but in awareness of our true essence as love and how it feels when we allow ourselves to remember the gift that we are and choose to live it. You are that gift and everyday is your birthday.

What would it be like if you spent the rest of your life unwrapping yourself, getting to know you, recognizing you, loving you, and expanding your possibilities as a BEing?

By acknowledging ourselves, we deepen our relationship with our true nature and we facilitate healing. By living as the hero we are in our own lives, rather than the critic, transformation is inevitable. Those around us are powerless to stay the same in relationship with us and largely even with themselves. Change begets change. Light brightens the darkness and more light shines.

Here's how...

In 2009, I was a single mom, expecting soon to be laid off, concerned about affording rent, and worried that I needed to move. I needed new tires on my car, and had heard it was important to replace two at a time. But I could only afford one. I arrived nervously at the tire shop mid-afternoon and spoke with the shop manager. Cringing, I told him I needed one tire, waiting for his ‘you really should get two reply’. He looked at me and said, “if that’s what you need, we’ve got you covered.” Relieved, I sat down to await the installation. And I sat. And I waited. And I waited some more. Other customers came and left. Finally, at the end of the afternoon the customer service area of the shop was empty. I was feeling impatient, overwhelmed, and universally beaten down as I approached the counter to speak with the manager. He made me wait as he continued typing. Finally he paused and looked at me directly. He leaned forward, lowered his voice, and said:

“My name is Samuel. When I was a child, I had an accident and hit my head very hard. Since then my mother tells me I have a gift".

Then he told me something I will never forget.

"You are going through some heavy things right now. Take heart. Have courage. All is well. You will be fine. This is just a passing bump in the road.”

😳 Say what!?

I was speechless. How could he know about me, or my life? I didn’t know what to say. He handed me the bill, for a very reasonable amount, and I paid it, still in shock. I walked slowly to my car, in the darkness of the evening, climbed in, and just fell apart. I sat there sobbing as my heart just broke open. Everything I was holding in, I didn’t even realize the weight on my heart, just released. I absolutely needed to hear those words. And Samuel shared them with me. He embraced his hero self, and brought solace to my aching heart.

After this event, things did lighten up for me. I did get laid off. And I did have to move, but as Samuel reminded me, all was well and I did land in an amazing new situation, and job, that nurtured me for years and allowed for more flexibility, new skills, an amazing mentor, and supportive friends. I sent many people to that tire shop. But you know what, they never saw Samuel, nor did I, ever again. And still I have never forgotten his kindness, and his heroism. To tell a complete stranger what you know, without understanding how or why, continues to help me years later to leap in to owning and exploring my own gifts like Emotional Release Sessions, Clarity Readings, Access Bars work, and even these posts.

I offer this story as a reminder that we are miracles and hero’s and godsends, and angels and whatever other word you want to call it, for each other. as well. Take a moment to honor that, to acknowledge the fact that your smile on a cold wet day can warm another’s soul. Your kind remark, generous laughter, choice of clothing even, is your way of showing up in the world as your Soulful Self and it can change another’s life. We almost never know how it does, or even when it will. And that’s the magic, mystery and potency. Samuel wasn't pretending to be someone else, he was showing up as his Self. Every moment is a possibility to be your true Self and shine brightly for yourself and by default others. You being you IS being a hero without even trying. You being you is giving others permission to be who they are.

So take heart, and if you are lost with where to begin, go back through your life and look for the memories that stand out to you where another’s kindness, generosity, offering, or passing word or action, assisted in changing your outlook, your possibilities, and your moment. Maybe there wasn't another being involved, only you recognizing your needs and respecting and valuing yourself in a new way. I acknowledge you for choosing courage and that opportunity and allowing that shift to happen.

As we move in to a season of acknowledging and gifting to others, let us begin with ourselves. Receive with your heart truly open to you, and you can give more than you ever imagined. For the remainder of this month of November, I offer the practice of exploring gratitude for all that you are, and all that you have received, and all that you share, simply by being the amazing, miraculous, magical, potent, and mysterious YOU! A true hero.

To explore this try asking, 'How am I a hero in my own life?'

Make a list. Hang it on your bathroom mirror and explore how it feels to remind yourself daily.

I am hero for giving myself space to get this blog out later than I had planned.

I am a hero for saying NO for myself when others wanted me to say YES for them.

I am a hero when I acknowledge the need to apologize for my actions, regardless of whether or not I do.

I am a hero when I explore something new, even if it doesn't turn out the way I thought.

I am a hero when I prioritize my needs (by stretching, running, sitting quietly, eating mindfully, etc. ) to be able to show up for others.

I am a hero when I take my wedding ring off.

I am a hero when I put my wedding ring on.

I am a hero when I listen to something that is hard to hear.

I am a hero when I share something that is hard to hear.

I am a hero when I get out of bed in the morning.

I am a hero when I got to bed at night.

I am a hero when I say YES.

I am a hero when I say NO.

I am a hero when I show people who I am with vulnerability....

And if you'd like some help to clear away the dust and cobwebs that stop you from knowing this hero Self, I would be honored to support you with Access Bars or Emotional Release sessions.

Giving great thanks for you always and wishing you here in the US, a very heroic and happy thanksgiving.


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