• Rachel Milne

Stuck on the end game

Recently the awareness of the nature of time has been in my mind's eye. We measure everything with: 'how long till, how long will it take, when will, how soon...', you get the idea.

In fact, time plays such a large role in our ability to experience life. I realized that our conscious human-made perception of time is linear, a straight one-plane measurement. But what if we weren't? What if we were multidimensional beings, living in a non-linear universe? Would the possibilities of creation expand? If I was willing to let go of my notion of the timed end game, the 'when will' or 'how soon', would there be more energy flowing in from all directions, unlimited, to manifest my end game for me?

I say yes. Proven time and time again. When I let go of the time line of when things need to happen in my life and accept that they are, peace and ease are mine in this breath. No waiting, no 'when is', 'how soon'... NOW is the existence of everything I want, everything I ask for, moving in to manifestation at the exact right time. I can let go of the wheel and be guided by that which is so much greater than me, greater than the limited linear time we people created. That's a practice I can take on!

Over to you: What happens when you are willing let go of the timeline?

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