• Rachel Milne

Sometimes smaller is better

I had a big decision to make. Whether or not to continue a career of 10+ years or make a complete 180 and dive into energy work : the passion my soul had been calling me to for quite some time.

My boss needed me. My colleagues had told me they would quit if I did, and I feared my friend who was set to take over the business would have to do so without my help or that of my colleagues.

I was putting a lot of pressure on myself not to upset anyone.

And the amazing was, I didn’t really know how they felt! I was projecting my fears on to them and inventing their responses. I was tied up in knots! I could see what I was doing but how could I get out of it?

I needed to see another way, another truth, another possibility. I had to open up to receive guidance and let go of my constrictive grip on what I believed was happening.

So I sat, with my guides, and I asked for clear messages. And they came. Time to move on.

And still, I agonized because I couldn’t make the big leap to “I’m done forever with this work”.

So I leaned back to my self-love and compassion practice: I asked myself what I Could do.

I could take a smaller step. I could say "I’m not continuing this work full-time after April."

And I did.

No matter the size of the step, as I move forward, as my actions mirror my soul's call, I am drawn to the next step. And the next, and the next. The muscles get stronger, the steps get larger, and the effort to take them becomes less and less.

Over to you: Does a big step scare you? What smaller step can you take to send the message to the Universe that you are serious?

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