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Planting for your Harvest

Winter days are behind us and it feels like Spring has sprung here in the Maryland. More light, warmer temperatures and wind! Today I planted the seeds in my garden that will provide the harvest I am hoping for from early Spring into Summer. Kale, Chard, Spinach, Lettuces, Beets, Radishes...all planted with the intention of a fertile season of growing.

I am by no means a master gardener. In fact, I just started gardening again last summer after a 15 year break. (Perhaps as many of you). I needed to feel my hands in the dirt. To be closer to nature and closer to something I could put my love and intention towards for an outcome that would support myself and those I love. I need to see my intentions be nurtured. Not all my plantings thrived (many a squash boring beetle did!), but the harvest was more than enough.

This spring, I'm a bit savvier (look out beetle!) and a bit more emboldened to try new varieties. I feel more confidant to plant my seeds in other ways too. Traveling in our newly built camper and working virtually, sending my daughter off to college, starting a new business, and going back to school. I am planting my seeds with love and intention towards a desired outcome. Now I don't know how these seeds will thrive, but I do know with love and care, anything is possible. And if I take the first step, another adventure begins that I could never have imagined.

How about you? What is it that is calling you? What seeds do you need to plant now, to reap the harvest of your seeking?

As the German philosopher Goethe said, 'Begin It...Boldness has genius and magic and power in it.' You only have to look around you for inspiration. Spring, has begun!

Happy tilling, sowing, and nurturing :-)

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