• Rachel Milne

Jack Johnson in the middle of the night - pt 2

    Following Jack’s midnight “say what you need to say” sing along was a 2 am journaling session.

Even though I had listened and knew what I needed to say, I felt paralyzed with fear. Diving in to my soul purpose with passion and fervency meant letting go of the shore for me, and a kind of “ burning of the boats” so to speak.


So much unknown and unseen, and I needed to cling to something: Faith in myself, trust in the Source that created me.

And then Martin Luther King Jr popped up to remind me that 'I don’t have to see the whole staircase, to take the first step in faith.'

With that reminder I’m better able to trust what I am hearing and surrender to the soul-filled possibilities that are waiting for me just around the corner. 

A big thank you to MLK and Jack for “saying what you needed to say”. I’m in the game. One step at a time.

Over to you: what staircase are you waiting to see? What one step can you take? 

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