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And when we forget who we really are...

We lose our connection with our soulful self, and with Source. We feel alone, unable to make a decision, unclear about which direction to go. We may feel lost, helpless even. Or just plain stuck. It can be a recurring feeling, or happen at different times over our lifetime.

I say 'feel' because it is just that. A feeling.

And these feeling exists to alert us to this disconnection and to invite us back to our core knowing: that we are one of the One - never separate but integral, integrated. A drop of water in the ocean of water. A soul in an ocean of souls that makes up this masterpiece of humanity; and we have come to live inspired, healing, expansive lives in community.

And because we are responsible for our relationship with our soul, and with Source, or Divine, or Universe, or whatever term you choose, so we can reconnect anytime by remembering that we are one (soul) of the One (Source).

We can always come home to the truth of who we are and feel the peace and ease that comes from this connectedness. There are signs everywhere pointing us in the direction of our soul connection and the Universe provides many resources to us when we remember this and live from this core knowing.

Exercise: Take some time to write about, or note, what you love today. What makes you feel alive and free? Then go out in to the world and notice where you can feel these things happening already.

If this is hard for you. Notice that and write about what you would like to see. Your soul knows and is here to guide you. There is no wrong answer.

We have only to ask and begin the conversation. The relationship we have with ourselves, with our soulful self, is the most important one and is the cornerstone for all that unfolds in our lives.

If you would like help feeling your connection to your Soulful self, consider an intuitive coaching session to rediscover and reconnect with your own inner compass.

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