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An art lesson about Soul

Updated: Mar 13

This 7 x 10 foot masterpiece was painted by Georges Seurat over two years (1884-1886). But painted is a loose term. This piece of work is actually made up of thousands and thousands of tiny dots and small brushstrokes of color that when unified by the human eye are perceived as a single shade or hue. This style became known as Pointilism. Seurat believed that this form of painting would make the colors more brilliant and powerful than standard brushstrokes.

I am sharing this bit of art history with you to illustrate a point. (no pun intended :-)

To me, this is a great visual reminder of a universal truth.

We are all one of the One. A part of something bigger. A masterpiece of human consciousness and design. The masterpiece doesn't exist without the individual dots and that the dots coexist to create something greater than their individual part.

Integrated, interwoven, connected.

I believe we are souls having our own experience as a part of Source, or Divine, or God, or Allah, or Universe, or whatever term serves you. We are each a perspective of this Source. Each of our souls is a light, a tiny dot in the bigger painting of life. We are one self of Oneself. And all kinds of help and resources are available to us when we remember and stay connected to this perspective.

Exercise: Today practice seeing yourself as one of the One; a dot in a bigger masterpiece. Notice what changes in your day when you do and how it feels.

If you need support feeling connected, consider an intuitive coaching session with me to get you back on track.

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