Bridge Over River

Intuitive Reading

Clarity for Life's Decisions

Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we get lost. Sometimes we get stuck. An intuitive reading is a dynamic collaborative process designed to support you in making decisions and taking action based on a deeper knowing.  No question is too odd, embarrassing or difficult. Our space is compassionate and expansive and confidential.  

We will look at the everyday aspects of your life and take a big picture view to explore the soul lessons you are working on. I work with guides, visions, messaging and meditation to help you identify the misbeliefs, or stories, that keep you feeling lost or stuck.  My goal is to remind you that you already have your answers, to help you to discern what those are, to embrace the lessons that present themselves, and to empower you to move forward in confidence. Together we will shine a light in the darkness to create a firm foundation, so that your next steps will be intentional, and directed.